April 2022- SPRING Edition Its time to take out those 4FIELDS Compasses and get connected to the energetic signature of your 4FIELDS. Let’s start by finding a quiet area to use a pendulum to use with our 4FIELDS Compass. Connect with your Physical Energy Field first How does your Body Feel? What do you want […]


TIME TO SPRING UP! Follow this 4FIELDS Spring Guide… 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 4Field Energy Reset Symptoms: Physical Energy Field Symptoms  💪 -Body feels heavy-Toxic -Body non-movement, stagnant  -Feeling not grounded -Bad choices in activity and nutrition  -Actions are non-inspired  Physical Energy Field Refresh: 👣 Hydrate-Greens and H2O Move-change your physical perspective by moving your body  Ground Yourself- […]

Cosmic News on the 21st

March 21st 2022 Hello there Stars! Spring is here! Let’s get ready to bring higher awareness of Spring Cleaning for our Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit What are the 4FIELDS of Energy for Spring? Spring Cleaning the 4FIELDS  ¬†Letting Go of old/stagnant energy by melting away and dissolving old physical, emotional, mentally and spiritual distractions, […]

Winter 2022 GPH Update

It’s a good thing when we are taking time to rest our bodies during the winter months. As we prepare for Spring coming there are a few updates coming from GPH that I wanted to share with you: Newsletter Coming 3/22! Now offering more Animal/Pet Reiki Going back to in-home Reiki and Energy Sessions Adult […]

4FIELDS Weekly Energy Report

10/21-10/28 Let’s Talk Energy Monday October 25th 2021 Cosmic Awareness and Schumann Resonance Energy Shifts are Happening! I waited until Monday to post this update as the full effect of Jupiter and Mercury going Direct is finally being felt Monday 10/25. The Full Moon in Aries on 10/20 opened up a portal of energy that […]


I am currently looking for some ideas on how to put together my next Spiritual Nutritional Consulting Below is my basic Outline that I have put together to share with you all… I was looking on how to expand on it and include more ideas, opinions, and constructive criticism. Spiritual Nutritional Consulting 4FIELD Soul Alchemy […]