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4Field Energy Reset Symptoms:

Physical Energy Field Symptoms 


-Body feels heavy-Toxic

-Body non-movement, stagnant 

-Feeling not grounded

-Bad choices in activity and nutrition 

-Actions are non-inspired 

Physical Energy Field Refresh:


Hydrate-Greens and H2O

Move-change your physical perspective by moving your body 

Ground Yourself-

Ground out positive ions

Ground in negative ions 

Activate your higher physical awareness 

Emotional Energy Field Symptoms 


-Heart heavy/Feeling off in heart space 

-Emotions conditionally based 

-Feeling too much of others emotions 

Heavy Sympathizer/Clogged Empathy 

 -Feelings are victim mentality based 

Emotional Energy Field Refresh:


Breath into your heart space 

Breath out unwanted emotions 

Open your heart to nature 

Let nature guide your heart 

Connect with Moving Water 

Ocean, or River therapy opens the heart space 

Mental Energy Field Symptoms: 


-Mind Overthinking/not thinking clearly 

-increase in negative self talk

-failure to comprehend anything new 

-Lack of clarity for expressing yourself to others 

Mental Energy Field Refresh:


Take a walk in a pine forest to clear your mind 

Pine trees produce pine resin that helps open the third eye

Change your perspective 

Ground your thoughts with your senses in nature 

Nature opens up our intuition 

Open a new book 

Journal your journey 

Spiritual Energy Field Symptoms:


-Spirit/Disconnection from your higher self 

-Spirit/Focus on Negative self beliefs 

-Spirit/Feeling of separation from spirit 

-Spirit/Actions, Feelings, and Thoughts not in alignment with your own beliefs 

Spiritual Energy Field Refresh: 


Meditate, Process, Align

Meditate on your higher self 

Get connected to the holistic version of your total self 

Connect to duality of these lower 

Feelings and Thoughts to find the blockage to how you process higher actions into higher beliefs 

Process your connection to your higher self 

Set up your own higher awareness by going through the conditions in which you process your physical reality into spiritual manifesting higher thoughts and feelings into alignment of your higher self 

Align with your higher self 

Connect your higher thoughts and feelings to manifest higher awareness for spiritual growth 



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