April 2022- SPRING Edition

Its time to take out those 4FIELDS Compasses and get connected to the energetic signature of your 4FIELDS.

Let’s start by finding a quiet area to use a pendulum to use with our 4FIELDS Compass.

Connect with your Physical Energy Field first

How does your Body Feel? What do you want to do with your body this Spring?

Connect with your Emotional Energy Field

How doe your Heart Feel? How are you feeling this moment?

Connect with your Mental Energy Field

How does your Mind Feel? What are you thinking about?

Connect with your Spiritual Energy Field

How does your Spirit Feel? Why do you believe what you do?

Now lets try and make some sense on what your are experiencing…

*Physical Energy Field*

What is the ideal temperature to start a Spring Detox?

Spring is the time of renewal and rebirth.

Warmer weather brings more opportunities for higher levels of awareness for detoxing and implementing any diets, exercise program, starting new detox supplements or any new holistic health intention for overall wellness.

When the temperatures are above 50 in both daytime and evening this is the optimal zone of detox success and weight management.

The weather has been reliable as a donut fundraiser for diabetes….Not too good.

But hopefully we will see a warmer shift coming in the next few weeks. Until then we can maintain our connection with the Earth and find days that the temperatures are just right to you.

*Emotional Energy Field*

Spring brings warm feelings of change to those that are ready to allow growth in their life.

How do you increase compassion during the Spring Season?

Warmer weather will help to open up more areas to be compassionate towards as we regain the energy to grow our gratitude. You can feel this if you go for a walk in nature, as the beginning of growth season begins we can feel the changes around us.

You can show your love to others that are ready to receive compassion in their lives. Be open to allow others to warm up their own HeartLight as they start to get outdoors more for overall well-being.

*Mental Energy Field*

As the warmer weather brings us more joy, we also notice how our mental health changes with the spring.

How does Spring improve our mental health?

Being outdoor can greatly improve our overall health. One area particular is our mental health. When we step outdoors and the temperatures are above 50 degrees we experience a change in body temperature that can increase our mood by increasing the chemical exchange of our neurotransmitters by sweating out toxins. Sweating increases our mental mood as we increase our mental awareness to what is better for ourselves holistically.

*Spiritual Energy Field*

“Believe in the coming of Spring, as the buds on the trees do.”

How does Spring increase our beliefs in ourselves and everything around us?

As Spring arrives it brings us more to believe in. The air, the water, the trees, the birds, the animals, and all of nature believes in all the changes that are occurring around them in their environment. They are programmed by the changes in the natural conditions to adapt and grow. As we gather our feelings, thoughts and actions of what we want to change in our lives this Spring we find strength in our believes and faith in ourselves and our higher self. Our higher self unconditionally believes in natures ability to enact change for body, heart, and mind through spirit.


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