2021 4FIELDS Energy Review

2022 Can you feel it?

Schumann Energy Update:
Power 50-60

Here comes that cosmic push…
4FIELDS Energy Report


2021 Physical Energy Field Review
Renew your Physical Perspective

What are some physical goals you are setting based on what you learned not or to do this year?

What was working this year might not have worked out the end of this year.

You might of made fewer healthy choices than you wanted to or made enough but didn’t see results you wanted.

These are trying times to make mistakes so we can do better.
Ease and Flow

Root Chakra:
Grounding out Last Year Vibes
Grounding in the New Year Vibes

Sacral Chakra:
Dissolve old pathways of Creativity and Pleasure
Allow New pathways of creativity to stimulate new ways of finding pleasure in life

Solar Chakra:
Dissolve Old Energy Blueprints that you no longer need or desire.
Allow for New Energy patterns to bring you more of what you desire.

Focus for 2022:
Let those choices not determine your outcome or strategy but rather guide you back to your center to move forward in 2022.
No one has a perfect body…
Especially when our emotions are dictating what we put in our bodies or how we move or stay stagnant.

2021 Emotional Energy Field Review
HeartLight Evaluation
How does your HeartLight feel this year?

What determines your HeartLight health?

Do you notice it is brighter around certain people or places or in nature?

Heart Chakra:
Dissolve old pathways of Compassion into forgiveness to move on
Allow new pathways of gratitude to bring you peace ☮️

Higher Heart Chakra:
Dissolve old pathways of seeking gratitude this year that didn’t expand your higher heart
Allow new moments of gratitude to find you on your path in life

Focus for 2022:
Forgive and Find more heart based feelings to improve your emotional health.

Find places you can be fully compassionate in.

2021 Mental Energy Field Review
Mindfulness Evaluation
What kind of mindful moments did you have this year?

How do you maintain those mindful moments during times of stress and discomfort?

Throat Chakra:
Dissolve old forms of communication that you no longer reply or listen to.
Allow new forms of expression to come through in your words and communication.

3rd Eye Chakra
Dissolve old thoughts, thought patterns, agendas, and thought processes that no longer bring you clarity.
Allow new thoughts to inspire higher thought patterns into clearer thought processes.

Focus for 2022:
Determine what stimulates your mind and find ways to incorporate it into the new year.

2021 Spiritual Energy Field Review
Higher Self Evaluation
Your 2021 Alchemy
What did you create this year?
What did you do?
What did you feel?
What did you think?
What do you believe?

Crown 👑
What higher beliefs are you going to allow in next year to help you expand in all areas of your life?

Focus 2022
Don’t settle on one belief.

Thank you to everyone here!
I love you all so much!
Here’s to another successful group due to all your efforts, support, and energy!

Much Love,
Phoenix 💚


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